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Adolescent Content

Find Your Place is a series of conversations and photographs with artists in their homes, captured online through Zoom and published with Adolescent Content. It examines the current intersection of our physical and digital space, sharing perspectives across different cities. Each discussion explores the theme of identity, creativity, and how we navigate our sense of self and find our place. 

Find Your Place with  Nilüfer Yanya

Find Your Place with Lowertown

Find Your Place with IDER

Find Your Place with Sophie Hur (coming soon)

Find Your Place with  Chloe Freeman (coming soon)

Other Works:

We Really Are Just Plants: An interview with musician Billie Marten

(un)titled publication

Established in 2017, (un)titled was created as a means to build a community and platform for emerging creatives. With a particular focus on a youth audience, due to there being a lack of forums available, the space is intended as a platform where individuals can feel in control of their own narrative and be included alongside both emerging and established professionals, allowing a space for these conversations to co-exist. Selected features included below, find more at www.untitledpublication.com

Cinema makes visible the invisible: An interview with Monica Lek

Representation, Authenticity and Agency: An interview with Serena Brown

Words can often be very black and white, movement can be perceived in different ways: An interview with choreographers KZ Creatives 

Being Visible Means Being An Advocate of What You Believe In:  An interview with Virus Racism

It’s important for people to feel like their story matters too: An interview with Lou Jasmine

If you’re looking to break down these oppressive systems, it’s about finding new ways of working: An interview with The Colour Balance

(un)titled spotlights: Oscar Lang's debut album Chew The Scenery

Rookie Magazine

Stretch Marks is a series of illustrations and poems that explore the feeling of being caught in those in-between places. Not quite close enough to be in the present and not quite far away enough to be in the past. It’s about being left with the marks and leftover emotions of a past feeling, a past memory, a past friend, a past love, that doesn’t quite want to let go yet. But when it does, there are always those little stretch marks, those little parts that stay with you, reminders that stay in your mind, dressed alongside the lighter, more hopeful things that recycle themselves into wiser beginnings.

Little Rennaissances is a series of illustrated poems that explore the small rebirths and the things that evolve and change within us constantly. It focuses on how we all want to view change as something that is seamless and proud, like looking at something as grand and archaic as a renaissance painting. In actuality, we more often experience the type of change that fizzes under us in different ways, not always so extravagant.

The Photographer's Gallery

If you could re-envision a safe space, what would it look like? A Story Behind A Photograph documents the process from the photographic series 'A New Normal' which was featured in the Develop At Home exhibition in The Photographer's Gallery, London, in October 2020. 

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