Saffron Lily is an emerging artist working primarily through illustration, photography and writing. She was born in the UK but is currently based in Ireland. Her work focuses on human relationships, the impact of representation in media and trying to make the intangible feelings tangible. 

Through her work, she explores themes of transience and change, connection and identity. Words and poetry heavily influence her visual work and they often interweave in how she chooses to express her concepts. Her work has been featured in Rookie Magazine, District Magazine, hitRECord on tv and Adolescent Content as well as published in multiple books and magazines. Her work has been exhibited nationally and she has had several international collaborations. She was selected as the recipient of the Young Cuirt New Writing Prize in 2014. 

She is the founder and editor of (un)titled a digital and print publication for young and emerging artists, encouraging diverse and authentic perspectives within creative media. 

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