A New Normal

In light of conversations discussing when we will ‘return to normal’, evident examples of continued disproportionate injustice and a need for change are called upon. In a collective desire to rewrite the structure of how things are and recognising physical distance – I invited new perspectives across different borders to personally describe how they wanted to redefine normal.

The letters are printed in large format and photographed in every day public spaces. In documenting them in a similar format to how we witness mainstream advertisements, it aims to represent the importance of agency and attention we need to give to public dialogue and individual voices as a whole. One of these images was recently exhibited outside The Photographer's Gallery in London, in a group exhibition exploring photography during the pandemic.

Featured authors in this series: William Diep, Hali Igwelaezoh, Hannah-Nishat-Botero and Edward Zorab

William Diep, age 16, U.S.A

Hannah-Nishat-Botero, age 22, United Arab Emirates

Hali Igwelaezoh, London, UK

Edward Zorab, London, UK

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