saffron lily

Find Your Place is a series of conversations and photographs with artists in their homes, captured online. It examines the current intersection of the physical and digital, sharing perspectives across different cities. Each discussion explores the theme of identity, creativity, and how we find our sense of self.

Next in the series is IDER, musical duo Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville. Stitching genres and weaving their voices seamlessly, their music bears witness to the intimate, shining a light on the intricacies of familiar experiences. The release of their debut album Emotional Education in 2019 captured the complexity of relationships, identity, and mental health with their sharp, evocative lyricism garnering critical acclaim. Two years later, they’re back with the release of their sophomore album shame, a bold collection of songs unveiling a new era for the band. This time they delve deeper, composing a tender declaration of all the things we’ve learned to be ashamed of. Standing in the face of these feelings, the album speaks unapologetically, never trying to edit or erase—but instead offering a moment to sit still.

I sat down and spoke with them about how their artistic practice has changed this past year, the conversations that inspire them, and their friendship.

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