saffron lily

Find Your Place is a series of conversations and photographs with artists in their homes, captured online. It examines the current intersection of our physical and digital space, sharing perspectives across different cities. Each discussion explores the theme of identity, creativity, and how we find our place and sense of self.

First in the series is musician Nilüfer Yanya. Her debut album Miss Universe last year garnered critical acclaim with beautiful, electrifying songs held by earthy yet surreal lyricism. Punctured by intersperses of almost dystopian narration, the album sits in a tier of its own, holding a place in your mind long after the tracklist pauses, carried by the echoing stitch of Yanya’s voice. On December 11th she released her EP Feeling Lucky?—a compilation of three songs encapsulating thoughtful, lyrical genius wrapped around eclectically designed tracks.

For our interview, Yanya and I discussed what her adolescent soundtrack would be, creative influences, and the advice she would offer her younger self. 

Read the full interview here. 

All images taken over zoom, November 2020. 
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