saffron lily

( U N ) T I T L E D

(un)titled is a publication for young and emerging artists curated by Saffron Lily. The aim of this publication is to support and elevate diverse voices in the platform of a publication and to create a beautiful, tangible and inspiring collection of work. We are dedicated to providing new perspectives and varied representation within media.

Established in 2017, (un)titled was created as a means to build a community and platform for emerging creatives. Since then, we have released two online issues and launched our third, produced a limited edition print issue, hosted events and aimed to uplift organisations and artists that share our values of inclusion and the consideration of ethics, responsibility and agency within changing media. With a particular focus on a youth audience, due to there being a lack of forums available, we want to create a space where individuals can feel in control of their own narrative and be included alongside both emerging and established professionals and to allow a space for these conversations to co-exist. Visit the site:

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